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How to compress a jpeg file size and to add image watermark

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Adding watermarks discourage piracy of your website images and photos. A large photo or large jpeg file can be easily shrunk to much smaller file size to reduce loading on your web hosting server, especially if you have high visitor traffic.

dpaIC is the image compression software that makes websites faster. It is used to compress jpg, jpeg, png images on your website and was designed so that you can do batch image compression too.

About the developer of dpaIC to reduce image file size<

Dr. Peter Achutha, the developer

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Achutha, a Computer Engineer and have a few websites that are under daily attack by hackers and spammers. These hackers and spammers overloaded my servers so badly that I had to do something about it. I developed an image compression tool that can be used in almost all websites provided that you have php 5.3 or higher on your server.

dpaIC, was designed so that you could potentially reduce your photo file size to 10% - 50% of the original picture. Yes, to get that kind of compression you may have to sacrifice some image quality.

I will let you into a little secret as to why this works. Most visitors to your website just pick up first impressions to decide whether they want to spend more time on your website. This is too short a time to to ananlyse everything you display on your site. Hence, most visitors will not even notice slight distortions in your web images. It is more important that your page loads up into their browser quickly, before they loose interest and go somewhere else. It is for this reason compressing images for web should be maximized or optimized.

dpIC is used to shrink image file size

image size compression software

Have a look at the photo on the left. The original jpg image had a file size of 50,520 bytes. After compression, without affecting image quality, the file size shrunk to 23,424 bytes. That is the shrunk image file is 46.37% of the original image file size. That doubles the image download speed and reduce server bandwidth by 27,096 bytes per download. If you have 1000 unique visitors per day that could potentially reduce your bandwidth requirements by 1000x30x27,096 = 775 MBytes per month. That is potentially a huge bandwidth saving which means you can save on hosting costs.

There are many other features in dpaIC. You can resize all your pictures to a particular width or height to make you website more professional in appearance. You can convert images from png, gif and jpg to other formats either png, jpg or gif picture formats.

Use dpaIC to add watermarks

add watermarks to your photos

The photo on your left has a watermark incorporated into the photo. You can observer that this watermark has some transparency. If you need to incorporate a watermark that has transparency make sure the watermark is a png file.

Note that adding watermarks can increase image file size. In this case, the original photo was 46KBytes and the watermark was 3.66KBytes but after compression the combination was 23KBytes. Much will depend upon your image quality required and the size of the watermark image.

With dpaIC, you can locate your watermark anywhere in the image. You can place it at a point which is a percentage of the dimension of the main image or by pixel position. In this case, the watermark was located 10 pixels from the right and 10 pixels from the top of the main image.

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